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Car insurance

Car insurance

comprehensive protection for individually favorable conditions

As in other countries, the third party liability insurance is compulsory in Spain for all vehicles in circulation and even those which are simply parked on public streets or roads. A Spanish insurance is only available if the car is registered in Spain.

In Spain the premium is very high for drivers below the age of 25 years. This is obviously a reflection of the large number of accidents young people cause. Some insurance companies even refuse to insure young drivers. Others require that additional insurances are taken out.

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Details of the vehicle
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Third party liability insurance (Responsabilidad Civil or just RC) covers damages which the insured vehicle causes to a third party. This cover is obligatory, a vehicle is considered a danger even if is just parked in public.

This insurance covers the compulsory third party liability plus: fire, theft and glass breakage.

Theft is covered in case the entire vehicle being stolen or whatever is firmly attached to it.

This insurance covers all damages to your own vehicle.

No-claims bonuses from your home country will be accepted in Spain.

Premiums vary according to the elected deductibles.

In the event of an accident please fill in the accident form provided by the insurer. The European Accident Statement (in Spanish DAA – Declaración Amistosa de Accidente) allows both drivers to enter their details and their view as to how the accident occurred.

Download DAA (Declaración Amistosa de Accidente)

An English version is available under «Downloads». We recommend printing it out and keeping a copy in the car.

  1. Date and time of the accident
  2. Location and place of the accident
  3. Injuries even if slight: yes/no
  4. Material damage other than to vehicles A and B: yes/no / Objects other than the vehicles: yes/no
  5. Witnesses – full contact details (passengers are not considered witnesses)
  6. Insured/policyholder (see insurance certificate): Name, first name, address, postal code, country, telephone and/or e-mail
  7. Vehicle: make, type, registration number, country of registration / trailer: registration number, country of registration
  8. Insurance company: name, policy number, green card number, insurance certificate or green card valid from/to, insurance agency/broker: name, address, country, telephone and/or e-mail. Does the policy cover material damage to the own vehicle: yes/no
  9. Driver (check driving license): name, first name, date of birth, address, country, telephone and/or e-mail, driving license number, category (A, B,…), driving license valid until….
  10. Indicate the point of initial impact to vehicle A by an arrow
  11.  Visible damage to vehicle A
  12. (See below)
  13. Sketch of accident how impact occurred: indicate 1) the layout of the road – 2) by arrows the direction of the vehicles – 3) their position at the time of impact – 4) the road signs – 5) names of the streets or roads
  14. Personal remarks
  15. Signatures of both drivers

12. Circumstances: Put a cross in each of the relevant boxes to help explain the drawing (*delete where appropriate)

  1. * Parked / stopped
  2. * Leaving a parking place / opening a door
  3. Entering a parking place
  4. Emerging from a car park, from private ground, from a track
  5. Entering a car park, private ground, from a track
  6. Entering a roundabout
  7. Circulating within a roundabout
  8. Striking the rear of the other vehicle while going in the same direction and in the same lane
  9. Going in the same direction but in a different lane
  10. Changing lanes
  11. Overtaking
  12. Turning to the right
  13. Turning to the left
  14. Reversing
  15. Encroaching on a lane reserved for going into the opposite direction
  16. Coming from the right (at road junctions)
  17. Had not observed a right of way sign or a red light

State number of boxes marked with a cross

Third party liability:

  • Personal injury (incl. medical expenses, pensions, etc.)
  • Material damage (car repairs or whatever else was damaged)
  • Pure financial losses

Partially comprehensive cover:

  • Fire
  • Glass
  • Theft (incl. items attached to the car such as entertainment equipment, navigation systems, etc.)

Fully Comprehensive