Good news: Burglaries in Mallorca are rare, and the burglars usually do not break more than absolutely necessary. Provision is still advisable!

In the event of a break-in, there are very good news for victims in Spain. While in Germany, the amount of damage caused by malicious damage often exceeds the value of the stolen objects, vandalism almost never occurs in Spain. Burglars usually only damage what is needed to gain access to a property. Once penetrated into the object, it is rather purposefully stolen, what can be transported well and what you get quickly and easily money.
Desirable stolen goods are therefore jewelry, cash and sometimes silver cutlery. Electronic devices are not very popular, especially since there is a risk that a cell phone could be located.
Hardly anyone will steal paintings, valuable carpets, expensive china or anything like that. Rather, the garden furniture is stolen when it is unsecured outdoors. If it comes to burglary or theft, then the following steps are to be followed:

  • Reporting to the police is essential. Here, despite all the excitement, all stolen items should be listed with their replacement values. Late registrations can always be made, but a police visit is tedious and annoying enough.
  • The insurer should be notified immediately. If a holiday home has collapsed then the insurer should also be notified at the main residence. Because in the holiday home only objects are insured, which remain there permanently. Jewelery is therefore more likely to belong to the household of the main residence and is insured by the external insurance.
  • Even if flat-rate sums for valuables were agreed upon conclusion of the contract: In the event of damage, you will have to provide evidence of the existence and values ​​of expensive items. This is a perfectly legitimate method of insurers. Not for every item will such purchase receipts still be present. Often, then, for example, photos as evidence. For very expensive items, of course, the bar is higher. Then you should be able to show the purchase receipts. If these are no longer available, the seller (such as the jeweler) can usually create a replacement receipt.

Similar requirements apply to robbery on the open road. A robbery usually requires a risk to life and limb. This should also be mentioned to the police, because it applies what is in the police report. If only inattention is exploited in the café, then compensation by insurance is unlikely.

Why do thieves enjoy certificates?

When taking out a home insurance , one aspect is sometimes underestimated: In the event of a break-in, the insurance company pays close attention to the at the conclusion of the contract.
In this context, it is advisable to name particularly valuable items in advance to the insurer. Transparency helps in the event of damage, dispel doubts from the outset and avoid tiresome discussions.
For example, if valuables and important related documents, such as proofs of value, are kept together in the same place, they will be skeptical. This is not the usual procedure, because then in case of theft also said documents are missing and thus an important means of proof against the insurer.
For a burglar, however, these papers are pure money, because he also finds the manufacturer’s certificate and the original packaging, then he will achieve a much better price at the fence. Therefore, purchase receipts, certificates, and other documents are necessarily in a different location. Here is the same principle as for the debit card, whose code you write so not on a piece of paper, which carries around with the card in your wallet.

Further points of our checklist:

At the conclusion of the contract specified fuses must actually be present and in operation. An alarm system only protects those who turn it on for short absences. Thieves are attentive and notice when the patio door stays open and nobody is in the house.
If you state that your house is barred, you should remember that this then applies to all openings through which a small person can penetrate. Thus, the narrow window of the storage room would be provided with bars.

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