When building / homeowner insurance is taken out, it is sometimes underestimated that in the case of a break-in, the details given at the time of the contract are taken very seriously.

In general, it is first checked whether all agreed fuses were actually available

If an alarm system is stipulated as a backup in the contract, it must be switched on even for short absences. Good thieves are attentive and notice when the patio door remains open and no one moves in the house.
Mallorca has well-established security companies to which alarm systems can be activated.

Who states his house is barred, should remember that this then applies to all openings through which a small person could penetrate. Thus, the small window of the storage room would be provided with bars.

Particularly valuable items should be mentioned in advance to the insurer

Insurers in Spain are always surprised how expensive and expensive jewelry and art objects of foreigners are often. Especially in the southwest of Mallorca there are very elaborately furnished villas. A finca in the countryside, however, is often prepared a bit more rustic on Mallorca. Transparency therefore helps to dispel doubts from the outset in the event of damage and to avoid tiresome discussions. Proofs of value and proof of purchase should be kept well beyond a certain size. In case of doubt, however, good jewelers can create replacement invoices and thus make purchase and value comprehensible.

Become skeptical verifiers when valuables with the proof of value are kept in the same place

This does not correspond to the usual behavior because then in case of theft also these documents are missing. If the thief can also find the manufacturer’s certificate and the original packaging, then he can achieve a much better price at the fence. Therefore, purchase receipts, certificates, etc. belong to a separate location. Here is the same principle as for the debit card whose code you should not keep together.