Our Team at Iberia Insurance Brokers

Since 1996 we dedicate ourselves with seriousness and commitment of the optimal care of persons in foreign countries – in particular within completely Spain.

Our approach was to provide an exemplary service in the insurance and financial services sector from the outset. In addition to a very qualified advice you will receive offers from several reputable insurers. You expect a daily 24-hour accessibility and very efficient support of your interests after the conclusion of a contract.

Over the years, our ever-expanding team has gained the trust of thousands of customers and turned it into a high level of customer satisfaction.

Iberia Insurance Brokers presents:


Sassan Mikhtchi
Sassan MikhtchiGeneral manager
Denise Latocha
Denise LatochaGeneral manager

Team Santa Ponsa

Helena Archipow
Helena ArchipowCustomer service
Fanny Lacombe
Fanny LacombeCustomer service
Randi Christians
Randi ChristiansCustomer service

Team Maioris

Corina Turkowitsch
Corina TurkowitschCustomer service
Olga Nickel
Olga NickelBack office
Angelina Gstader
Angelina GstaderCustomer service
Jenny Graulich
Jenny GraulichCustomer service

Team Campos

Anja Weitkunat
Anja WeitkunatCustomer service
Aldona Smolenska
Aldona SmolenskaCustomer service
Jessica Jahn
Jessica JahnCustomer service