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The homeowners insurance in Spain belongs to the property insurance and is an adequate insurance to adequately protect the community property.
Who buys living space in Mallorca, which belongs to a larger housing estate, usually enters into a community of owners with the purchase.

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Details of the property
What is the main use?
Pool / sports facilities
Should private pipes be insured?
Personal Information
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The property owners association brings together all joint owners to decide upon communal topics such as construction matters, administrative issues, property rules and the insurance of the jointly owned premises.
Property owners joining a condominium association also join the mutual insurance. This might create unnecessary double insurance. On the other hand, many associations in Spain have a poor coverage to reduce costs and fail to safeguard your personal investment. Very often only communal zones are insured, leaving all private areas uninsured.

We only recommend insurance policies which cover all areas, communal and private.

The first step is to determine what reconstruction values should be insured. Total losses are very unlikely, but earthquakes or extensive fires do occur in Spain. If only a fraction of the real values are insured the insurance may reduce payments proportionately.

Secondly, coverage should include all the premises: common areas as well as private areas.

In addition, the protection of the president or property manager (admistrador) is also vital. The president receives no pay for his/her work but is exposed to being sued for potential errors. Good policies cover the presidents liability free of charge.

  • Building damages
  • Fire, lightning, electrical surcharge, smoke and soot
  • Collision and aircraft impact
  • Natural hazards such as storm or hail
  • Damages caused by flooding or earthquake etc.
  • Broken windows, mirrors and glass