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Homeowners and contents insurance

Homeowners and contents insurance

in Spain is often better and more extensive than in other European countries


With property insurance, property owners in Spain protect the exterior of their property, with home contents insurance protecting all household contents in the living space. Especially in this area, a comparison of the leading insurer is crucial and will be taken over by us for you. It is always cheaper when a combination of both insurance policies with the provider is agreed.

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How is the property used?
Housing situation
Main use
Information about the property
Outside closed village? (> 1km)
Insurance sum

For co-insurance of the valuables given below, the items contained in the sum insured must be stated.

Note: valuables are only insured, if stated here.

Valuables: paintings, sculptures, antiques, precious rugs, silverware / carcase silver

Property Security
Is a burglar alarm system available?