Am I properly insured? Do I pay too much? Are some of my policies superfluous? In Mallorca and Spain, consumers are as unsettled by hardly any topic as their insurance. Who knows which contract is right for him? The language difficulties do the rest to contribute to the confusion.

People like to rely on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances abroad. This has gone wrong in Mallorca often enough. But who should you turn to? In any case, it should be a professional insurance broker. If the representative is actually living from another job, it is not advisable. In Mallorca and in Spain anyway, there are few whose plans go up. Mediators who have not been successful here for five years, their social forecast remains uncertain.

When in doubt, most rely on an insurance intermediary. But the quality differences are great. That starts with the qualification. But even more important is the question of whether the agent perceived by the customer as an expert really works in the service of the customer. The financial incentives for the consultant play an important role.

    • Insurance agents work on behalf of only one insurance company. Although they are usually independent sales representatives, they are managed by the insurer on a very short leash. Their targets are strict and are to conclude as many insurance contracts as possible. If the representative works for only one company, he can only offer the contracts of this one insurer and thus offer no possibilities for comparison.
    • Finance like banks, etc. also provide insurance. In Mallorca and in Spain, they like to advertise that they are independent, but this is often very limited. Similar to insurance agents, banks are usually tied to insurance and just as limited in their range as insurance agents.

On the other hand,

    • insurance brokers are committed to the customer and not to the insurer. They are not allowed to be tied to specific insurance companies, their job is to provide independent advice and to select the best deals. In Mallorca and in Spain, the amount of brokerage is the insurance brokers received, very consistent. Thus, the insurance broker can look very neutral for the best comparison offers.

How do customers evaluate insurance intermediaries?

Customers judge on the basis of the quality of advice, the variety of products, the premiums and conditions as well as the communication with the consultant. After completion of insurance then the quality of service counts. Again, the insurance broker has clear advantages. Of course, due to its much better choice of insurers and products, the insurance broker can also achieve much higher customer satisfaction.

How do I check my existing insurance?

As an insurance broker, Iberia Versicherungen reviews your existing insurance policies and provides comparison offers of various insurers such as Allianz, Liberty and Zurich. Iberia Insurance has its headquarters in Mallorca but is represented by professionals throughout Spain. Request now your individual offer by phone on 0034 971 69 90 96 or under info @ iberiaversicherungen. We are happy to advise you personally whether in our headquarters in Santa Ponsa, the branches in Campos, Arta and Marbella or at your home.