When children have an accident, it usually does not happen on the road, but at home or outside while playing. Luckily, the parents are often close by. It is good, when you know how to help your child quickly and how to request help even if you are on holiday.The following tips and advice are intended as a first aid, they do not replace a first aid course.

Minor injuries

For smaller injuries, the obvious is the best: comfort and calm your child. Then it realizes that it is not alone with his fear, and usually forgets the fright quickly. For major injuries, you should do the same before doing something else. Otherwise your panic will be transmitted to the child.

Get an overview

  • Is the child still conscious? Talk to it.
  • Does the child still breathe? Keep your ear above the mouth and nose of the child, watch for movements of the chest.
  • Is the circulation still stable? Measure its pulse.

Unconscious child

If the child is unconscious while breathing, turn it into the stable side position. Ir it’s a baby put it on its stomach.

Respiratory and circulatory arrest

In respiratory and circulatory arrest, you must give the child a respiration and massage his heart. You give two breaths through your mouth or nose and 30 chest compressions, always alternately, until the ambulance arrives.

Even if you no longer know the number and order of the handles, you must start. That can save the child’s life!

Emergency call 112

If the injured child is in distress, call the ambulance at 112.

It is important to stay with the child while making the emergency call and tell the following:

  • Where exactly did the accident happen?
  • What happened?
  • How many injured are there?
  • What type of injury is present?
  • Who reports the accident?

Centro de Salud

In urgent cases, the nearest health center (centro de salud) can also be visited. These are part of the network of public health facilities and provide first aid in urgent cases. There, however, the facilities are limited, as these centers provide the population in the area only basic medical care and no major interventions can be carried out there. Who is not an emergency and wants to be treated there needs the insurance card of the Seguridad Social.

Pharmacies emergency service

Pharmacies with emergency service in Mallorca can be found here: open pharmacies

First aid courses in Mallorca

Do you know what to do if an injured child does not breathe? How to react properly when a baby has swallowed an item and is about to suffocate? Many parents learned something about emergency relief wehen they got their driving license.

For many of us the first aid course was  a long time ago. Often, one year later, half of what has been learned has been forgotten. In addition, special measures are often required for children in emergencies. Therefore, take the time for a course in which you learn the most important things about how to react in case of emergencies in infants and toddlers. Your knowledge can save lives.

Here in Mallorca, various centers offer special courses for first aid for children, for example, the German medical center in Paguera and Santa Ponsa or the Palma Clinic in the island’s capital.

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