In the summer months there is a large parking lot in many tourist resorts in Mallorca. To make matters worse, in recent years, more and more car rental companies park their non-rented vehicles in public parking lots. In order to fight it, the police have already launched campaigns in some communities, and informed the car rental companies that from now on fines are due when the un-rented rental cars are parked in public parking lots.

These penalties (between 1000 € and 10000 €) must be paid by the car rental company. To avoid that, you should place the rental contract in your rental car well visible behind the windshield. The following data must be recognizable:

  • Number of the lease
  • Duration of the lease
  • licence plate
  • complete address of the rental company
  • Phone number of the rental company

We wish you a nice and relaxing holiday in Mallorca!

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