Which insurance is a must, which are expendable and which even superfluous?
Almost everything can be insured today. Many people see insurance as a necessary evil. Insurance employment is a nuisance to most lay people because there is an unmanageable number of insurance policies and each insurance branch offers different insurance conditions. How is the consumer supposed to keep track?

Few insurances are required by law, most insurance options are optional, and many are highly recommended. Who advises you as competent and fair? Independent insurance brokers are better placed to provide objective advice to agents of a particular insurer. The representative gets to be fulfilled by the insurer – goals that are difficult to achieve. Thus, the representative expresses products that the customer does not actually need. The successful insurance broker, on the other hand, lives from his independence.

Insurance is the airbag of life. An insurance is always to be understood as a precautionary option. The risks of life can not avert insurance. But the financial consequences can be mitigated with meaningful insurance. Which insurance you need – or not – depends on the personal situation!

If you want to find the right insurance cover for your personal needs, you have to start thinking about it and answer some important questions about the insurance cover you are looking for:

What personal circumstances are there?

  • Marital status, income, occupation, assets, loans and other liabilities, etc.

What should be insured?

  • Can I go to the doctors and clinicians I trust in the case of serious illnesses without waiting?
  • How much does the loss of my household items, electronic items, etc., throw me back financially?
  • Is the total loss of my car portable without insurance?
  • Should the current mortgage continue to be paid after an accident?
  • Is the education of the children guaranteed?

What does your existing pension plan look like?

  • State supplies, private security, company supplies

There are insurance policies as a precaution for personal injury, property damage and financial loss. When you take out insurance, pay particular attention to benefits, premiums and deductibles. You should be particularly attentive to the exclusion of benefits. Services must be limited, but the expert insurance broker can tell you what restrictions are common and why. Again, an insurance agent will sing only the song of his employer.

In your search, you should compare the rates of at least three providers. Products from several insurance companies automatically have an insurance broker on offer. The main advantages for the customer are:

  • Independent advice
  • Transparent market / price comparison of several companies
  • You get what you need at the best conditions for you

As important as the conclusion of a suitable insurance is, as important is the regular review of your insurance. You can save a lot of money by regularly comparing multiple insurance policies. Insurance premiums are fixed costs and it is always the uncontrolled fixed costs that we have to deal with. Do you want to change the insurance, so you should pay attention to the specified notice periods. In Spain, the notice period is two months to the expiration of the contract!

Online degree versus personal advice

The cheaper premium from the online offers results from the lower costs for the insurer, because there is no proper advice. Online comparisons are usually misleading and confusing. In addition, the lack of personal response avenges when there are difficulties or damages. Small mistakes in the online application are used to reject damages. Errors in the claim form are also played against the customer. For all this, your insurance broker should take responsibility and liability.

Many online calculators only compare the contributions and not the different terms of a policy. In addition, they are far from all insurance offers. On the comparison portals you only get offers from the insurance companies with whom the comparison portals have a “Deals” completed! A true objective and up-to-the-minute assessment of the entire market does not take place.

In addition, personal insurance – such as old-age provision or health and long-term care insurance – is dependent on many personal factors. These complex relationships can only be in personal conversation